Restaurant Cleaning Company NY

We are a local restaurant cleaning company providing city, and state inspection cleanliness to restaurants in NY. We provide restaurants with cleaning that will aid in making the work place for their employees a pleasant, and clean environment to be. Your customers will be happy that they choose your place to dine, not only for your food, but also because it was impeccably clean.

We use the latest in green cleaning agents, and tools in getting your kitchen in it’s daily impeccable cleaning shape. But we realize that gadgets, and cleaning agents can go but so far, for real good inspection clean, you need to do some things the old fashioned way which mean getting on your knees to remove those bottle caps that may be under the bar. Scrubbing the legs and cleaning under the kitchen equipment, cleaning the belly of the equipment.

Moving the equipment to clean the back of the equipment where grime, and drips may be, you need a cleaning service which is all about getting the details done, gaskets, breaking down your ovens, and stoves, cleaning all corners instead of cutting them. Cleaning the chairs, legs and tables, walls, high dusting of door frames, air vents, and ledges when needed, a cleaning service that will have all your glass shining beautifully, along with your door saddles, the little things which catch customers eyes.

We will treat your restaurant with the care and cleanliness as though it belonged to us, this is the cleaning you will receive from a Spectrum cleaning staff. One that will have your restaurant looking, and smelling clean on a daily basis. We provide restaurant cleaning to The Bronx NY, restaurant cleaning Brooklyn NY, restaurant cleaning Queens NY, restaurant cleaning NYC, restaurant cleaning Staten Island NY.