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20 Dec

Kitchen Cleaning Company NY

We are a experienced NY kitchen cleaning company providing light to heavy duty commercial cleaning of kitchens in Restaurants, hotels, and offices in NY.  We have extensive experience in cleaning, and breaking down ovens, stoves, scrubbing down of flat tops, grills, fryers, convention ovens, hoods, vents, walls, grease traps, and floor drains.

We use the state of the art green cleaners, and equipment to assure up to par levels of inspection code cleanliness. We have the personal to take your kitchen to a level that will pass any, and all city, and state inspections, and flawless in cleaning kitchens in your office or business. The cleanliness of your kitchen is vital to the health of your customers, and employees, there is no room for lack in this area, TRUST  us at Spectrum for a sparkling looking, and squeaky clean smelling kitchen.

When it comes to getting a kitchen in shape to pass an inspection, the latest gadgets alone will not do. You need a staff dedicated to the details and doing some things the old fashioned way which include, getting on your knees and hands to get under the bars, removing bottle caps, and drips on the equipment, moving appliances to clean the back of the appliances, and the legs where mode, and grime may be, cleaning gaskets and edges on all equipment.

This is the dedication you will receive from a Spectrum staff. We provide impeccable kitchen cleaning service for The Bronx NY, kitchen cleaning service Brooklyn NY, kitchen cleaning service Queens NY, kitchen cleaning service NYC. We will provide the experience cleaners you need in order to fulfill your obligation to your customers, and staff. Call today for a free walk through, and estimate, followed by a detailed proposal for your kitchen cleaning needs. Call or Text (212) 242-1699