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24 Aug

A Good Cleaning Service

What makes for a good cleaning service. Well most buildings, and offices look for several qualities, one of which is a cleaner who is steady, meaning the same cleaning person showing up on a constant basis. This is e central to the trust of the customer.

Another necessity is the quality of the cleaning service, and person. The cleaning person will need to be experienced in there trade, able to discern what needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, versus every other day or even a monthly basis. The cleaning service personal should show initiative, meaning the cleaner would need to report anything that may be of importance to the management which may be out of position, or needed for the company.

The cleaning service should be insured, and bonded which protects the customer, as well as the cleaning service company. A good cleaning service is a good second eye to the building they are serving, this quality is both necessary, and welcomed by all customers. A good cleaning service should provide all supplies needed, for the cleaning of the location, the supplies should be green which will help in keeping the employees, healthy, as well as our environment.

Spectrum janitorial service provides all the necessary components to service your office with exceptional cleaning. Feel free to contact us today for a proposal tailored made to get you started with a first class cleaning service company. We service NYC/Manhattan, Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, and Staten Island NY, Call or Text (212) 242-1699